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What is Trade Show Training

At Trade Show Training, we service the trade show exhibitor and help them obtain the best ROI possible from a show.

Exhibitors – We partner with you directly to set you up for success at your next/future shows. This generally includes formulating some achievable goals, helping you promote your participation and training your staff to ensure they are ready come showtime.

Organisers – We offer F2F, Webinar and Video training to your exhibitors as they approach the show. This has them geared up to be successful at your show. This success has happier clients which equals returning clients.

Associations / Industry Bodies – Members of your industry would love the support of the governing body to help them achieve more at trade shows. Why not get us to take them through their paces in the lead up to your industry show?

Plumbers – We have nothing for you. Sorry.

Astrophysicists – See Plumbers.

Please reach out for a chat to see if there is a fit between us on 0431 334 856 or



With almost 25 years in trade shows, I fully understand the benefits for exhibitors exhibiting at a trade show. With that experience comes a whole heap of knowledge of how to totally stuff one up as well.

As well as time as an organiser of shows, I’ve manned trade show stands, and I have felt the hard concrete floors and boredom that sometimes dampens the experience.

I have seen exhibitors generally start with optimism and expectation. Some triumph, some merely cope, and some endure train wrecks.

It pains me to think about all the time and money wasted by businesses that could have easily turned a trade show from awful, or just OK, to successful or even outstanding.

So here I am to impart my knowledge (quite directly) so you turn your fortunes around at shows and get the ROI you deserve.

….and yes, I will help you avoid costly mistakes which cuts your trade show spend.

Away from the trade show floor, I am a married father of three and enjoy coaching basketball.

Russel Trade Show Training

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