Clients We Help


  • We train you to get the best from your trade show participation.
  • We can represent you on your stand at trade shows….accompany your staff or go it alone. (especially important with the potential travel restrictions due to Covid-19)
  • We can get you up to speed on the Covidsafe way to exhibit.

​So What?

The cost of a bad trade show is huge. Why risk poor performance? A planned approach allows you to set goals, work towards them and then measure your results.


  • We will train your exhibitors to get the most from your show

So What?

They will become better at exhibiting, find the trade show experience more fulfilling and your exhibitor retention rates will go up….and this saves you costs in the recruitment of exhibitors and creates great word of mouth regarding your show.

Associations / Industry Groups

  • We will train your members to get more from the trade shows they participate in
  • We can also advise you on all matters relating to running of your own show (if applicable)

So What?

As an industry body, you are always trying to justify the fees charged to members. Providing them with direct training to help them realise their potential is sure to demonstrate your care and value as their representative body. This in turn will gain you more favour in broadening your member base.

“We had Trade Show Training take our exhibitors through their ‘How to Exhibit’ program in the lead up to Fine Food 2019. The feedback from our exhibitors was very positive citing Russell’s professionalism and ‘easy to implement’ examples. The exhibitors will now have a more purposeful and structured approach in their pre, at and post show activities which will positively impact their ROI”

Minnie Constan – Event Director
Fine Food Australia 2019